About Us
A transformative AI driven company committed to excellence
Who we are

At Advedro, we share a vision to improve the quality of life for all the marketers around the world, by developing and providing AI-driven tools that focus on performance and optimization, while ensuring that all the traffic is real.

Founded in 2017 by a small but dedicated group of experienced advertising and technology executives, Advedro is a technology driven company with focus on turnkey solutions that drive digital transformation across the digital verticals.

Helping to drive Advedro to a leader in global performance driven marketing are our machine-learning technologies, measurable ROI for our clients, the business intelligence tools that allow marketers to quickly and efficiently dig through their data at scale and of course the ingenuity and spirit of all our employees worldwide.

Our journey
A great start

Advedro was founded, Stockholm Sweden

Native Ads & Push Notifications

We started with native and push notification ads which helps people explore what's interesting and new in the moment of next

Hello Norway

Advedro expanding its Scandinavian network with a new office in Stavanger, Norway


In-house built fully automated campaign optimizer saw the light of day, while the platform was enhanced with multiple AI driven tools, the driving force of intelligent marketing

Hello Montreal

Advedro Expands its north american presence with an office in Montreal, Canada