Advertisers guidelines
Specific rules for all in-stream video campaigns
  • The length of the video needs to be a minimum of 15 seconds.
  • If using VAST Link the skip button parameter must be set to 5 seconds.
  • The video quality needs to be high enough to be easily viewable to all site visitors.
  • The video content must match the product you are selling after viewers click the link.
  • You must own full copyright or be officially authorised to use all materials featured in the video (proof may be required).
  • The video content should be visually appealing and creative. Original content will help you generate better quality leads.
  • Advedro reserves the right to decline video campaigns at any time if deemed unsuitable for the network or our publishers requirements.
Specific Rules for Native advertising
  • The “brand” field must clearly define the brand or product name promoted which should match with the landing page.
  • Format must be 300×300 and will be automatically resized when needed, PNG or JPEG file formats only
  • No animation
  • No borders or margins
  • Your landing page should provide some form of content, being text, pictures or videos
  • We recommend marketing your landing page in the shape of articles, tutorials, blogs, etc.
Specific Rules for Push Notification advertising
  • Banner image must be 720×480 or 192×192 in JPEG, PNG of GIF file formats
  • Title Text: Maximum 30 characters
  • Description Text: Maximum 40 characters (please note some browsers restrict the amount)
Publishers guidelines
All publishers must follow the general guidelines listed below
  • Free/shared hosting domains (such as tumblr and blogspot blogs) are not accepted.
  • Websites must not use content that infringes on Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent and Trademark laws.
  • Websites can not promote illegal activities e.g. rape/incest/drug taking/hacking etc
  • Incentive ads are not permitted (PTC, PTR, etc…)
  • The use of any tools that artificially generate impressions or clicks are not permitted
  • Websites that are under construction or lacking in content will be rejected
  • Websites that show excessive advertising or make it difficult to view the content will be rejected
In-Stream Video Publishing Rules
  • The skip button is not mandatory but we recommend to be enabled after a maximum of 5 seconds
  • The skip button should be of good size and clearly visible on the bottom right.
  • We recommend a frequency capping of one hour
  • The video ad should stop when clicked and resume when clicked again
  • The video should stop when the viewer leaves the page where the ad zone is placed
  • Autoplay video is not accepted, the ads should load only when the visitor clicks play on the video
  • On mobile device implementation, the visitor should be kept on the browser after they click play and the video ads must not open directly on full screen, this will make the video ads clickable
  • Ensure that the implementation is successful, clicks and video views are accurately reported
  • Advedro reserves the right to decline any incorrect implementation
Publisher Payments
  • In order to receive payment the publisher should keep their ad zones active at the time of the request.
  • Publishers are entitled to their earnings if they were generated in the current year or the previous year. Everything accumulated before this time is not included in future payments.