Fraud Shield
Staying a step ahead of the traffic fraud footprint with our AI, Vita.
Fraud Shield
Using AI in the fight against fraud

Traffic fraud is a billion-dollar business and it is increasing every year.

Advedro is using our in-house built cutting edge anti-fraud solution, which uses machine learning and AI predictions to continually ensure that the network protection will remain the best in the business.

Now you can have both security and profits, without losing genuine business.

How it works

In real time, Advedro's machine learning models produce a fraud score based on constant evaluation of countless data sets and signals related to user behaviour.


These fraud scores determine the workflow to make business decisions. Should this traffic be accepted or rejected?


The outcomes of these decisions are fed back into the machine learning models so they can continuously learn and adapt.


The result: your ad campaigns prevent real traffic fraud scenarios with unparalleled accuracy, without compromising on your conversions.

Fraud Shield in numbers
*Monthly numbers
212 M
Fraudulent Requests Eliminated
350 M
Bot impressions blocked
48 K
Fake clicks filtered out