Delivering the right ad, to the right user, across all devices worldwide.
Increase your ability to target your specific audience on the right device at the right point in time and create leads and conversions with the best cost-per-action ML-driven tools.

If you are a digital marketer looking for performance, Advedro is the right place for you!

Working with all the major brands out there, we are sure we can help you find your audience using our targeted and advanced AI and ML tools while offering you the best tracking capabilities for the best price. Run CPA, CPC or CPM campaigns and enjoy the best results you can get with our advanced tracking solution.

Get Started
Grow your business with best-in-class AI-driven advertising solutions.
Get Noticed
Get seen by the right people and connect to the audiences who are most likely to be interested in your products.
Get Traffic
Get consumers interested in you by building right audiences from Advedro’s data set.
Get Sales
Make ads that sell products and remind your visitors what they’re missing with retargeting ads.
Our technology stack is purpose-built for your success
With three key components — Adopto, Tracker, and Retargeting — the Advedro AI Engine powers our best in class solutions, designed to drive results
Create and manage campaigns that will help you get noticed, get traffic, and get sales with our easy to use self-service platform
Effectively optimize your online campaigns
Using Advedro’s fully integrated tracking software, we offer you a quick and easy way to make the most out of all your campaigns. Use our tracker to set your own goals and reach them in real-time!
The Dynamic Banner Generator empowers marketers to save lots of time and to get the most out of their marketing budget by offering a powerful tool to quickly and easily expand upon your Media Library.
Boost your ROI by using Audiences to remind people about the products you offer. Audiences allow you to quickly and easily retarget people who have already browsed your website or mobile app, but didn’t purchase anything yet. Retargeting your audience yields mind blowing ROI boosts!
Advedro allows you to schedule a campaign based on date and time. You can show your campaigns at the exact moment in time that it works best for you, or set up your campaigns ahead of time and trust that they will go live the second they need to.
You can manually add money to your account at any time, or you can set up automatic payments to make sure that there is no gap in your online advertising strategy. Never run out of budget again over the weekend or during the night with PayPal auto recharge.
Advedro’s automated ML bidder allows advertisers to set their bids without resorting to guesswork. It is one of the most valuable tools available to you and will allow you to automatically keep your campaigns optimized 24/7.
Benefit from our quick reporting database solutions
Advedro offers clean and clear reporting of your data, with the option to export your data in a convenient way through CSV exports if you choose to work on your report data in the comfort of your own system.
The Advedro Insights allow you to reach never before seen breakdowns. Quickly and easily create your own custom breakdowns over more than sixteen different dimensions, creating clear and easy to use reports from your statistics, within the blink of an eye.