The New Era
Of Digital Transformation
Driven by Artificial Intelligence
Where only what matters is Performance
Our in-house build ML driven auto optimisation tool, Adopto, pauses all under-performing ads and allocates budget to the best ads within the campaign.
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Fraud Shield
Block traffic fraud with our live intelligence derived from the global programmatic network and ensure your ads are seen by real humans the way they were meant to be seen.
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Dynamic Creatives
Build your campaigns faster than ever with our free banner generator tool for your advertising campaigns.
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VITA Tracker Drive converting traffic to any vertical or niche offer while keeping all your campaigns under one roof.
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Reach 8 Billion users with top performing ad formats
Push Notifications

Customizable Push Templates: Captivate your customers with beautiful looking push notifications, that are completely customizable with images, GIFs and videos. Go limitless.

Personalization: Craft stunning personalized push notifications for each customer segment based on their browsing behavior, interests, demographics & more.

AI-based Optimization: Remove the guesswork and let our AI engine Vita, drive higher levels of engagement by identifying the right time and the right message for customers to convert.

Campaign Analytics: Be data driven by measuring reach, clicks, conversions and revenue impact for each and every campaign.

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Dynamic Creatives

Explore a unique advertising channel. Instantly deliver your brand’s message or offer directly to a user’s device, even when he is not browsing.

Target special events, find prospects with User Activity targeting, send up to 1M messages in less than a minute – the possibilities are limitless.

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OnClick Pop unders

A full page ad or landing page are a great marketing tool that doesn't frustrate nor irritate the visitors in any way. And if they don’t get irritated, they will most likely open and visit the site with an open mind.

On Click Pop Under appears hidden behind the main browser window, remaining unnoticed until the main browser window is closer or minimized. The onclick popunder ads are less intrusive and more polite, that is already a given.

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Native Ads

High-performance native ads on a global reach. At the very core of native ads is the concept of placing ads in a relevant and un-obstructive context where they natively fit. Native advertising look just like all other articles and pieces of content around it, and especially in cases where the goal is brand awareness, a user may not see some of the common words they are accustomed to seeing in advertisements such as purchase, subscribe, sign up, etc.

As consumers become more resistant to traditional forms of advertising, Fortune 500 brands and consumer startups alike are allocating bigger budgets towards content marketing and non-disruptive ad formats.

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Pre-roll is a great form of ad placement for increased brand awareness, purchase consideration and ad recall as a whole.

Mid-roll ad placement has a higher completion rate than pre-roll or post-roll, which makes it a good choice for any product that wants or even needs the audience to watch the whole ad.

Post-roll is the best option if you have a call to action within the advertisement. If you really want to make your audience feel that immediate response, then post-roll is the best placement for the ad.

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Brand Safety
Traditional approaches to brand safety rely strictly on analyzing the text that appears on a publisher's site.
Drive traffic, engagement and conversions to any offer in any particular vertical while tracking, analysing and optimizing all your campaigns and affiliate networks in one place.
Get more quality leads for your clients by using our inbound expertise solutions specifically crafted for agencies.
Ad Networks
Connect your DSP/SSP to the Advedro Ad Exchange, set up direct connections with all major DSP/SSPs and start buying and selling their inventory right away.
Media Buyers
Don’t set it and forget it, artificial intelligence’s role in media buying is taking shape right here. Enjoy the power of auto optimization, predictive bidding and fraud free traffic and much more.
Knowledge hub

Take advantage of our FREE knowledge hub that features content from industry leaders, affiliates, account managers and industry gurus with successful stories, webinars, eBooks and case studies to help you stay at the forefront of the latest affiliate marketing techniques and online lead generation tips.

What Our Clients Says
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top affiliate

My experience with Advedro has shown me that they are a forward-thinking ad network that is constantly evolving.

From the features inside their platform, to new traffic types and a solid Support team - this is one ad network that works hard for both the Advertiser and the Publisher.

Andrew Payne, Founder